August Grape Update

The 2019 California Grape Season is turning out to have great size, quality & condition with plentiful supply. Early green seedless from the southern San Joaquin growing suffered from mildew scarring, while early red seedless, like normal, struggled with size, color and sugar. The rest of the season will see newer and later varieties harvest [...]

Mexico & California Grape Update

Molly’s Sun Select is gearing up for another great season of Fresh From Mexico Table Grapes! Anticipated Dates of Production: Start: May 5th Peak Red Seedless: May 20th – June 10th Peak Green Seedless: May 28th – June 25th. Our Fresh from Mexico Table Grapes will be packed to order in our high graphic Molly’s […]

Mid-Season California Grape Update

This week in California, we continued to pack Scarlet Royal red seedless – Large oval-elongated sweet red grapes.   Starting next week, we will pack Timco red seedless, Luisco green seedless and Autumn Royal black seedless.  The Timcos have very large somewhat elongated berries, great flavor and deep red color.  Luiscos also have large somewhat elongated berries […]

SpartanNash Food Show

The 2015 SpartanNash Food Show is off to a start this week at the DeVos Place and Performance Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event brings together vendors and suppliers, that will exhibit in more than 250 booths, with retail buyers from SpartanNash’s Midwestern distribution centers. Molly’s Sun Select has been here all week setting […]

Molly’s Sugarone Seedless

Check out Molly’s Sugarone Seedless Table Grapes! This crop is getting ready to be packed into Premium Handle Bags and Styro Boxes for freshness and the best way to display!